Areas of activity

The “Akimov” Company produces highly artistic jewelry of 22K and 23K silver, and of 14K and 18K gold. The items design peculiarities include wide application of resources of art casting of precious metals, sculpture miniatures, hot champlevé, gems.

The company art production is part and parcel of the cultural and spiritual education. Our web-site includes catalogues, description of all goods, public information on the history of Christian gold work, and hagiography; and gives introduction to fundamental Orthodox theology.

Our employees work actively at the exhibitions in various regions of the country, thus helping to maintain       return of purchase experiences as well as to disclose vexed questions that may arise upon one’s introduction to the Orthodox culture.

Products are realized by the company all over Russia through a network of dealers. Jewelry retail network as well as Orthodox cloisters and temples are among the first-rate partners. The “Akimov” Company also works with cloisters and commercial organizations far and near abroad.

Handling with the Orthodox product line demands that vendors should have special skill that allow them to answer various questions, give complete advices and render sales support.

The “Akimov” Company shares its experience gladly with everyone who is sincerely interested in Orthodox culture revival and Russian jewelry art evolution.